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How to get good grades in college while working full time

    Studying while working full time

    College attendance has changed in the last few years as more students start working while still in school.

    A study from Georgetown University shows at least 40 percent of students in college are working for 30 hours per week while still attending school full-time. Also, 19 percent of the working students are parents.

    This study goes further to show how schooling, working, and parenting can be quite overwhelming even to the best of them.

    One huge concern amongst college students is how to get good grades in college while working full time. Getting good grades in college is very important because it determines a lot in your career life.

    In this regard, below are some tips on how you can get and maintain good grades in college while dealing with a full-time job.

    #1. Have a designated study space

    Studying needs a lot of concentration not to mention peace of mind. Creating a peaceful and quiet space should be your number one priority if you are to achieve your desired grades.

    Your studying space should also be organized, clean, and decorated with your favorite colors.

    Furniture like your seat and table should be as comfortable as possible. If possible you should get the same furniture used in an office setting.

    Your studying space could be within an existing room of your choice if you don’t have the space needed for a separate study area.

    #2. Get your course plan

    If you are to get good grades in college, get your school timetable or course plan first so that you can build your work schedule around it.

    Depending on your school calendar, get the school timetable at the start of every semester and then pick your work shifts according to your classes’ placements. 

    For the best results, have a full working day then go to school in the evening. You can also go to school during the day or morning hours and then go to work for the rest of the afternoon or evening.

    The idea here is to prevent running back and forth between your workplace and school. 

    #3. Prioritize organization and scheduling

    Organizing and scheduling help you to know what is happening when and what you need to complete that particular task. 

    First, ensure your phone and laptop are always charged ready to start your classes. Also, ensure your school supplies are always stocked such that you’ll not need to run across town to get the supplies.

    It sounds a little wasteful but you should have extra school supplies at your day or evening job, at home, and some in your car. You’ll always have backup supplies in case you forget to carry something from home.

    The other very important item you should have is a planner. Planners are lifesavers – most of them are divided up by the day and hour such that you can note every essential detail.

    A quick Google search can help you find a planner app that you can download on your phone. You can also buy a hardcover plan for your handbag; whatever works best for you.

    #4. Be a good time manager

    To get good grades in school while still working, you’ll need to be purposeful in how you spend your time.

    Being a good time manager means scheduling everything from the time you wake up, to the time you sleep.

    You’ve got to schedule your school and study time both inside and outside classwork. You also need to schedule your work hours, family bonding, recreational time, and visiting friends and still ensure you have some time to rest and regroup.

    This is where you’ll need to drop your procrastination because one wrong move will mess up everything. For example, if you have an assignment to submit in a week’s time, don’t wait until the last day.

    Start working on the assignment as soon as the professor communicates. Not only will this ensure you are on top of things, but it will prevent you from being overwhelmed by everything you have to do.

    If you’re too held up with assignments, you can always use quality assignment writing services like Squid Papers to get your assignment done on time.

    Our writers are carefully selected specializing in all subjects to guarantee you get the highest grades possible.

    #5. Communicate

    If you are to get good grades in college while working full time, you’ll need to communicate with the people in your line of work or school.

    Keep your work managers updated about your school schedule so that they can have some consideration for you when allocating duties and shifts. 

    This open communication also comes in handy when you need a few days off for exams preparation or when submitting school projects. You should also communicate with your professor whenever you need some clarification as it is important for the smooth running of your school life. 

    Communicate with your significant other, family members, friends, and co-workers and ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed.

     #6. Ask for help

    Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed lest you collapse from burnout. If you want to get good grades in college, you’ll need to be asking for help once in a while.

    Don’t shy from hiring a tutor when certain units are problematic. Another even cheaper solution is getting help from online writers who’ll ensure you ace problematic units in your studies.

    Some units will only become easier if you have one-on-one tutoring. You can get a tutor or ask for help from a fellow student.

    Don’t shy away from asking for help with the kids, around the house, or at work so that you can get a few hours of study.

    #7. Believe in yourself

    For you to get good grades in college, you need to believe in your abilities. Wake up every day with a determination to ace the day.

    Trust yourself to balance work, school, and family. Be intentional to spend time with your family and friends whenever you get time – they’ll offer encouragement along the way. 

    Constantly choosing to believe in yourself will ensure you don’t suffer from burnout.

    #8. Have some time to rest

    Being a student while working full time or caring for a family can be quite overwhelming. Having some time in a day or a day in the week is important if you are to get good grades in college.

    Ensure you get enough sleep every day to be sharp in class. 

    You also need to ensure you are productive at your day job lest you lose it and be unable to pay your school fees.

    As noted earlier, to achieve this success in school life while handling a full-time job, you need all the help you can get.

    With enough help, you’ll be able to get enough sleep and rest which translates to being a productive worker and a successful student.

    Why getting good grades in college is important

    Getting good grades in college is important because it determines the trajectory of your career later on.

    Getting good grades in college will also determine the ability to earn a Master’s degree, a Ph.D., or even get a partially or fully paid scholarship.

    Other reasons why getting good grades in college is important are;

    #1. Better work opportunities

    Getting good grades in college will afford you good opportunities in the job market because it shows you are motivated to succeed.

    Having good grades in college also proves that you’re is able to work under pressure, are a quick learner, and can focus on important tasks.

    #2. Better colleges

    Getting good grades in college will give you a chance to get admitted into better colleges. Having graduated from some of these high-end colleges will give you better chances of getting jobs in big organizations.

    As noted earlier, good college grades are important when you want to get those professional courses in veterinary studies, medicine, law, CFA, MBA, and others. 

    #3. They boost your self-confidence

    More often than not, people don’t try things because they are afraid of failing. The best thing you’ll ever do for yourself is to try and give it your best.

    Working hard in school ensures you’re getting those good grades. When you are acing school and still doing the best at the workplace, you feel a sense of accomplishment that gives you the drive to continue.

    Wrapping it up

    Studying while working can be quite hectic. To make your college life easier, you need to be a good time manager, a good communicator, and someone who’s not shy to ask for help.

    You also need to select a good school program that works with your work schedule to enable you to balance school, work, and family.

    Do everything the right way and your college/working life will be a breeze.

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