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How to save money while partying in college

Save money while partying

All work and no play et cetera… When in college you need to unwind every once in a while. One of the ways of achieving this is by taking a night out on specific days.

If partying is your cup of tea, you understand how the fun can end up leaving a dent in your pocket. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you follow these tips.

1. Start at home

Drinking costs can quickly add up when buying at the club. For this reason, you could start at home with what you have in the fridge. It could be beer or the scotch whiskey you saved from a previous session.

When you do this, you can save a lot –  drinks tend to be more expensive in nightclubs because of the high demand (obviously).

2. Eat a proper meal in advance

A night out full of activity can give you the munchies –  be sure to eat a hearty meal before going out. Otherwise, you’ll leave a huge hole in your wallet if you decide to buy food at a restaurant or at a club.

Alternatively, prepare something before you go out that you can eat as soon as you get back from your activity. This would be perfect if you own a microwave oven to help you heat up your food in less than a minute.

3. Arrive at the party early

Night clubs tend to charge more as the night grows. Interestingly, if you come in early, you may not be required to pay an entrance fee in some places.

In this case, prepare yourself in advance and get to the venue before the peak hours kick in. The only price you may have to pay is showing the bouncers some ID. The few bucks you save could get you an extra drink or pay for your transport when the party’s over.

4. Work with a budget

Having a working budget is the oldest and most effective way of managing finances. You can have a weekly or monthly budget depending on your income or allowance. If you follow this budget religiously, you’ll always be within your means financially which is our goal here.

As such, you’ll always have enough for all your other essential expenses. To get started, you can perform an audit of how much you spend on a typical night out and use this information to guide you in drafting your budget for the subsequent sessions.

5. Don’t volunteer to sponsor your friends

Have you ever noticed how friends become generous in their spending at parties? Don’t be this friend. Never volunteer to pay for anything – only consider doing it upon request. If you aren’t comfortable with it – there’s no shame in pulling out.

Remember, it’s you who’ll deal with any financial consequences when the party is over. Refer back to point #4 and always stick to your budget if you want to save your money.

6. Carry cash in advance

On top of budgeting, ensure you carry enough cash on you when going out. It’ll help you save a lot because ATMs near nightclubs usually charge a lot more than ordinary ATMs.

Demand for cash is always high in such a setting and banks would take full advantage of it. Use your local ATM to withdraw the cash if you need to while heading out.

7. Go out on off-peak days

Everyone goes out on Friday and nightclubs will always capitalize on maximizing profits from this kind of traffic. Surprisingly, in most places, entry fees and stuff like drinks usually go down during off-peak days (Mon-Thursdays).

If you don’t mind the smaller crowds, always make arrangements to go out on such days. Given the cheaper nature of off-peak days, you could end up spending half of what you’d have spent on a Friday or a Saturday.

8. Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water in between alcohol sessions won’t only inhibit the adverse effects of alcohol but also make you consume less.

You’ll drink less because the water will make you feel full and drinking less will result in spending less money.

9. Use public transport or split the Uber charge

If you’re out with friends and live in the same area – always wait for each other if you have to use a taxi. When it’s time to go home, you can take one taxi and split the charge. If you’re a trio, you could save more than 60% on taxi charges.

Alternatively, if public transport like a bus or a subway is available in your direction – use it at all times. Public transport will cost you a fraction of what an Uber would cost you.

10. Attend house parties

Being in college comes with the privilege of having tons of house parties in a semester. Instead of going out to a nightclub – scour around for house parties.

Despite being wilder than usual, most parties offer free drinks which means you’d end up saving on buying drinks. In some cases, you’d be required to bring your own drinks but this would still be cheaper than the expensive shots down at the club.

Furthermore, being with peers would be much more fun than being out with adults and strangers. You could even form long-life friendships at house parties.

11. Get your assignments done in advance

Remembering the fast-approaching deadline on your college assignments can be a huge buzzkill when you’re out enjoying yourself. If you find yourself in such a position but you really need time off – we can get it done for you!

If you prefer getting things done on your own – be sure to complete your assignments before going out.

Did you love these tips? What tactics do you use? Let us know in the comments section.

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